For a newborn session I come to your house so that I can capture you in your own familiar environment. During the shoot I will follow the rhythm of your baby, telling a day in your life, as it were. Everything will be documented; the crying tantrums, the diaper changes and feedings. This approach is a great way to show the connection between the baby and the rest of the family.

It is tremendously valuable to do a photo shoot with your newborn baby. During this period everything changes so quickly. With images, you have the opportunity to stop time for a moment and capture this new feeling forever.


After passing on your selection, I will start with the photo editing. For example, I’ll adjust the colour and the light and do some retouch. You’ll receive the photos by e-mail within 2 weeks.


Within 48 hours I will send you an online gallery from which you can pick your selection. 


Let's shoot!


After you have completed the contact form, I will contact you as soon as possible. We’ll discuss your wishes and schedule the shoot. I will send you a brochure with additional information.



* These prices include VAT, but exclude travel costs from Rotterdam. 

* The mini album contains 8 spreads. The size is 20 x 15 cm. 

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When purchasing a pregnancy and a newborn shoot, you pay a combination price of €550. You will also receive a linen mini album.

€ 550 *

Combination deal

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·  60 to 90 minutes of photography
·  20 retouched photos

€ 295 *



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"When I was 36 weeks pregnant, Hannah took beautiful photos of me. Although I didn't feel my most attractive with my big belly, Hannah showed me how feminine I looked. Even when I was completely naked in front of her, she managed to create a safe and positive atmosphere, which made me feel completely at ease. The pictures have turned out amazingly beautiful."

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"When our first son was just 10 days old, Hannah came to our house to do a photoshoot. We were completely exhausted by our new parenthood. I was wondering what I had got into my head to have such a little munchkin photographed. But when Hannah came in she managed to make us feel completely relaxed. Hannah knew exactly in what kind of situation she would end up - pink cloud but vulnerable-. We received the photos quickly after the photoshoot and I immediately realized how valuable they were.
Two years later, our second son was born and early in the pregnancy we asked Hannah to do a newborn shoot for us again. During the shoot she had a fun way to involve our eldest son which resulted in another successful photoshoot."

Kind words

Not much! I am coming to you. However, it is advisable to - instruct your partner to- tidy up a bit, because clutter in the photo can be distracting. It is also a good idea to think about the clothes you want to wear.

I would recommend somewhere between week 1 and 2. Then the baby is still asleep most of the time and is not yet aware of what is happening. This gives you beautiful, calm images.

I would recommend somewhere between weeks 30 and 36, when you have a nice round pregnant belly but still feel fit enough to have your picture taken. Of course this differs completely from person to person!

Yes, I edit all the photos you receive in my own specific style. I have a light editing style and keep the colours natural. If you have a spot somewhere on the day of the photoshoot or have slept badly (it happens!) I will retouch this.