Not only are these photos incredibly useful for your website and social media, but you can also use them for a booking website.
I would be happy to make a specific quotation for your wishes. 
Even if you have a hotel outside the Netherlands I would love to come your way! 

For hotels, it’s equally important to be visible online. With a photoshoot we focus on all the aspects that make your hotel unique; interior, guests, location, facilities and possibly the restaurant or bar.


I will deliver the edited photos by email within 14 days.


Within 48 hours I will send you an online gallery from which you can choose your selection.


Let's shoot!


We’ll discuss your wishes.


Fill in the contact form and I will contact you as soon as possible.



* Prices are exclusive of VAT and travel costs, travel costs within a radius of 15 km to Rotterdam are dismissed.


·  1 shoot every 3 months for 1 year
·  4 hours of photography per shoot 
·  80 high-resolution photos per session

€ 375 per season *



·  4 hours of photography
·  1 location
·  80 high-resolution photos

€ 450 *

Package 2

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·  2 hours of photography
·  1 location 
·  40 high-resolution photos

€ 250 *

Package 1


Mirjam van der Meijden, Williams Canteen

“We at Williams Canteen are very happy with our collaboration with Hannah. She listens carefully to our wishes and gives them a creative twist. That's exactly what we need! She works professionally and knows how to put the people surrounding her at ease. And besides that, she makes the ingredients and the dishes really stand out in the photos. Every time we receive the images, we are completely taken aback with how beautiful they are.“

Kind words

It is a good idea to think about the subjects you want to cover. Which dishes would you like to show? What ingredients have a special story? Do you want action photos of the kitchen staff at work? Do you want beautiful pictures of the interior? Make sure that everything is nice and tidy, buy fresh flowers and light some candles. A good preparation is key to get the most out of your photoshoot.

A moment when there is enough daylight so we can show the dishes in the best possible way. It is useful to choose a moment when it is not super busy in your business, you must have time for the shoot. And make sure that you have not just received your Zegro order and that your entire store is full.