Iris van Tricht

Did you know...

The only thing I would save from my burning house - besides my boyfriend - is my hard drive. For me Images make memories tangible. This way you can continue to experience a holiday, wedding, pregnancy or maternity period.

I don't value stuff, but I do value photos

During the photoshoot we’ll have a chat and I’ll give you some directions and tips. My goal is to have a good time while making great photos. I am introverted ánd social. For me, most important is that you feel comfortable.
My photography style is minimalist and pure. I don’t use heavy filters and I prefer to work with natural light. I don’t shoot in a studio, but at your home, at the office or at a beautiful outdoor location of your choice.

My working method is light-hearted and easy going 

I have a rigorous way to tidy up! Everything needs to go! Marie Kondo has got nothing on me. 


I am a late bloomer. Over the years I become calmer and more confident. In fact, I'm looking forward to getting older.


I like to research holiday destinations. Even if I’m not planning to go there. I can spend hours searching the most remote places in Russia on Google Maps.


Clutter annoys me, I can't think if my workplace isn't tidy.


I love to make playlists, I have one for every mood. My most followed playlist on Spotify is one featuring 1970s Turkish disco.


I am a coffee snob. I’ve worked as a barista for a long time. It's a treat to get a flat white to go.


The Kralingse Plas is one of my favourite photo spots. During the golden hour the light here is incredible.

Fun facts
Food made into an artform
The boyfriend doing what he loves most
Enjoying the sea and the sunset
The beauty of the mundane
The beautiful light of India
Always on the lookout for a botanical garden
My late grandmother, fashion icon and photo lover

Amber van Leeuwen, the Social Goodgirl

"I really enjoy shooting with Hannah. We always have a nice chat while she also manages to take the best pictures at the same time. I love her subtle but striking style. As a "model" you simply have to follow her directions to get beautiful pictures. Therefore, I would a 100% recommend a photo shoot with Hannah."

Kind words